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Wedding Packages

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life.Whether you are planning a lavish celebration or a more intimate Party for family and close friends, we understand how important It is that everything goes smoothly. At The Grange Bracknell Hotel we promise to take care of all the little details, to make sure You enjoy the wedding of your dreams.From the moment you come to see us, you will enjoy a personalised service dedicated to exceeding your expectations. Your own Dedicated Wedding Planner will meet you to find out what you Want for your big day, and provide you with a detailed plan.

Our Commitment to providing a truly personal service means that your Wedding Planner will be with you every step of the way, and Ensure that every detail is considered and taken care of.We are proud to announce that we are now licensed in three Suites For Civil Marriages up to 200 guests.Here at The Grange Bracknell Hotel we believe that every wedding is individual, And our aim is to create a perfect wedding day that leaves you completely Relaxed to enjoy this special occasion. The luxurious function suites and landscaped terrace provide the perfect surroundings for your Wedding Reception. Our competitively priced Wedding Collection is tailor made to suit your specific needs and covers as much detail, as you require. Our experienced and dedicated wedding specialist will guide and help you plan this very special day.

Let's Get Plainning

Here at One Stop Wedding Planner, Wedding planning has never been this easy!
Our online wedding planning tools provide you with a convenient wedding planning service that allows you to plan your entire wedding on one site. Our online wedding planning services enables you to use all of the wedding planning tools necessary to keep track of your wedding details, such as your wedding planning budget, calendar, guest list, flowers, transportation arrangements, wedding floor plan & seating chart, agenda, music, photography, food & catering, bridal party information, gifts, and favors.

So, whether you are looking for a general online wedding planning budget list that will provide an itemized list of wedding costs, or want to get fancy and map out your wedding planning floor plan and seating arrangements for your wedding, the One Stop Wedding Planner tools covers all bases. Our online wedding planner is the template for a successful wedding. The wedding planning tools are so user friendly and guide you to make sure you don't forget about any wedding detail.

wedding planning services and online wedding planner tools.

1. "This is by far the most useful website that I have found to help in planning our wedding! Thank you for making this available!!"

2. "So Far So Good! Guest List Organizer Is Great! I think your site is going to save me a large number of headaches. It is also going to give organization to what I am sure is going to be a very chaotic year of wedding planning! Thank you in advance for all the FREE help. What a relief!"

3. "I just would like to let you know that this site is really great. I am glad that I found it and will definitely let others know about it."

4. “I really love using the because it is so easy to move around in. It is very self-explanatory. It is so complete that is gave us ideas that we hadn't even thought of like the rehearsal dinner


Our wedding planning services and online wedding planner Budget tool tracks all of your expenses, as well includes a complete list of typical costs. Additionally, this wedding planner enables you to budget for your wedding and create an estimate of segmented and total costs. Our wedding planning services and wedding planner budget tool is the most comprehensive budget list for wedding planning.


Our wedding planning services and online wedding planner TO-DO list provides you with an updated calendar, which you can print and post as a reminder for what tasks you have for the day/week/month. For overdue tasks, One Stop Wedding Planner will send you an email reminder to keep you on schedule. Also, our free wedding planner tool provides you with a thorough list of TO-DO's from 6-12 months before until the day of your wedding. Our wedding planning services and wedding planner calendar is the most comprehensive TO-DO list for wedding planning.


Our wedding planning services and online wedding planner Guest List keeps track of all of the details of your attendees (who is attending, who is not attending, and who is tentatively attending, as well as contact information, wedding gifts, thank-you letters, etc.). Our wedding planner Guest List allows you to print your attendee list and their contact information so you can easily address invitations. Our wedding planning services and wedding planner guest list is the most comprehensive guest list tracking tool for wedding planning.


Our wedding planning services and online wedding planner Photographer tracking tool organizes the details of your wedding photographer for your ceremony and reception. Our wedding planning tool provides you with a handy implement to keep track of your wedding photographer and/or videographer's contact information, as well as creates a list of the individual, couple, and group shots that must be taken on your special day. Our wedding planning services and wedding planner photographer tool is the most comprehensive option to organize your details of your wedding photos.

Effective Wedding Planning

While wedding planning is quite the undertaking, people sometimes get overwhelmed even before they start planning their wedding. All the wedding planning TO-DO's start running through their minds, and before they know it, they're already stressed. We at One Stop Wedding Planner and BridePros, believe that all you need are the right wedding planning tools to relieve your stress and ensure that your wedding planning experience is a happy one. If your wedding planner and wedding planning tools can keep you organized, then there's no need for stress. Of course stress management is always important.

Taking one thing at a time and not overwelming yourself by thinking about the TO-DO's you don't need to be worrying about just yet. Our online wedding planning tools, provide you with all the neccessary steps and tools to effectively plan your wedding. Our wedding planning TO-DO list keeps you knowing what you need to work on now and what you need to work on later, so you're not thinking about everything at once. Remember, your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life, and every day up to the day you get married, you're creating memories, so by keeping organized with One Stop Wedding Planner and BridePros, you can ensure those memories are happy ones!

Wedding Planning ... Stressful or Stressfree?

Why must wedding planning be stressful? Why can't wedding planning be stress-free and fun? In this section, we are going to examine these questions. Can we think for one moment that we are in control of our thoughts and feelings? That no matter what situation arises, we have the power within ourselves to become stressed or not stressed? I think we can. Just as many people are discovering, the power of your thoughts and feelings lie within yourself, therefore, we are in control of them. When you become engaged, the first thing you start thinking about is wedding planning. You start thinking of the 100 million wedding planning tasks and the deadline for each of them. Oh yeah, and then there's the scary thoughts about the unknown to-do's and all the tasks that people start talking to you about. Now, at this moment, you need to pause because this is the moment that all the stress starts building up. Be in control of your thoughts and feelings by stopping, taking deep breaths and repeating 10 times.... "Everything is going to be ok." Since you are in control of you, then you are going to do things your way. First off, you aren't going to be stressed.

This is supposed to be one of the happiest days of your life, and IT CAN BE! Second, we are here to help you! One Stop Wedding Planner and BridePros have helped many wedding couples plan their wedding. Use the wedding planning tools to organize the details of your wedding. Keep in mind you can login at any time, from any computer, so when things pop up in your mind, you can easily and quickly get them out. Wedding planning can be a fun task if you have the right tools. We created a set of wedding planning tools so you can enjoy the wedding planning process, as well as get family and friends involved to help you. Just remember, you are control of your thoughts and feelings, so when you start feeling those stressful emotions popping up, take a few deep breaths, and relax, everything is going to be ok and you're going to have the best wedding no matter what!

No Bride is Pro at Planning a Wedding

Most couples who are getting married are planning their first wedding, and even couples who are planning their second or third, the task doesn't get any easier. One Stop Wedding Planner and BridePros have created a set of wedding planning tools that makes couples feel as if they've planned many weddings and know exactly what to do. Our wedding planning services and wedding planning tools do the work for you. All you need to do is login to your account, and enter the information for your wedding.

Our wedding planning tools includes the most thorough budget list, TO-DO list, guest list, plus so much more. Wedding planning has never been this easy. Don't throw your dreams out the window to have a big wedding because you're nervous about all the details, sign up on One Stop Wedding Planner and BridePros and let us do the work for you! We really mean it when we say "Happy wedding planning!"

Mind Over Matter - Successful Wedding Planning Begins With Positive Thinking
Many people have read or heard about The Secret. The Secret is about the power positive thinking and manifesting your destiny. The destiny YOU want. I believe that thinking positively and imagining your wedding turning out exactly the way you want will help along with the wedding planning process. Many women have had dreams about their wedding ("The Big Day") since they were little girls. I believe that if you can not only keep that special dream in mind, but also think about the wedding planning experience in a good light, then it's possible that the entire experience will be more joyful.

One Stop Wedding Planner and BridePros are here to help you along with this. Again, wedding planning doesn't need to be a big chore and huge drag. If you can truly believe that wedding planning is fun and an opportunity to reconnect or get closer to friends and family, you can start seeing it in a new light, thus tasks won't seem so awful and you'll start to see that everything flows more nicely. The main goal is to never resist. Resistance brings on feelings of discomfort, thus creating negative energy, and that’s not what you want to experience before or during your wedding. If it ever feels that there’s to much on your plate, remember this is supposed to be the happiest day of your life. No matter what happens during the wedding planning process, it is absolutely possible to remain in a loving and joyful state.

What Are You Waiting For?

One Stop Wedding Planner and BridePros have helped tens of thousands of wedding couples plan their wedding successfully. Engaged couples have saved an enormous amount of money by using our wedding planning services and online wedding planner. Couples have also saved themselves from an enormous amount of stress, so they can actually enjoy being engaged, while enjoying the wedding planning process. You can take advantage of all our wedding planning services and wedding planning tools for FREE, so what are you waiting for? Give our wedding planning website a shot, and let us show you how easy wedding planning can be!

Wedding Planning Can Be Fun

Ok, so you're getting married in less than a year and you have a million things to get done, but why stress? Wedding planning can be fun! It's the perfect time to reconnect with friends and family. The Bachelorette party is just the beginning your wedding planning fun. Why not plan one night a month to get together with friends and family who will be helping you with the wedding planning to-do's. This is a time when you can catch up on the progress of your to-do's, brainstorm ideas, and re-allocate new to-do items. Wedding planning should not be done on your own. Wedding planning can get overwhelming if you try to take on too much yourself. Now don't worry, you will still have the final decision on every wedding planning decision, you just won't have to do all the leg work. So toss up your legs and relax, wedding planning will be a fun year, if you make it fun!

Wedding Planning Wonders

It seems that everyone who plans a wedding gets to a point during the process when they can't believe the amount of details involved. No matter how "simple" you want your wedding to be, the TO-DO's keep building up, and you realize that no matter how big or small the wedding is, there are millions of details. So what is the real difference between a bride who is happy when planning her wedding, versus a bride who is unhappy during her wedding planning year.

One Stop Wedding Planner and BridePros think it has everything to do with your beliefs. Your beliefs are what constitute whether you are going to be happy, mad, stressed, calm, etc etc in every event. For example, if you believe that when your dressmaker calls and there's something wrong with your dress, then you need to be mad, and that’s a belief. Opposed to someone who believes that although something is wrong with the dress, it can be fixed and everything will be ok, is another belief. During the wedding planning process, you will realize how many beliefs you have that are working for you and against you. This is a great opportunity for you to recognize those beliefs and see if you can alter them. Wouldn't it be better if you had beliefs that affected you in a positive way instead of negatively?

Marriage organiser

Hi, Wedding is one of the most awaited moments of our lives. We expect it to be just perfect and nothing less. Here we take a great pleasure in making it a truly memorable one with our own Magical Touch & professionalism with Your warm inputs and decisions.

As the wedding Planners a few of our Services Include:

* Pre- Marriage/Engagement- Bridal requirement (Right from the Beauty Parlour to Selecting the Best Costumes {Traditional for Wedding and Stylish for your Reception/Engagement or as per the Bride's requirement}
*Mehendhi Party for the Bride and her Friends, Relatives
* Arranging for Best Photographers - Your Wedding Portfolio Albums
* Caterers according to your Tradition
* Wedding Cards (Specially Designed per your Budget and Taste)
* Help in Fixing up the Best wedding Halls
* Decorators for the marriage hall (Theme Based, Colour Based)
* Return Gifts, Gift Bags or Thaamboolam Bags per your tradition, style and Budget).
* Special Arrangements, Crackers, Band, Chariots People say 'Marriages are made in heaven' and as the wedding planners we dedicate to just make one!! So Stop Worrying on your wedding plans and leave it to us... we would be more than happy in Offering our services and making it a dream come true not only for the couple but one 'n' all!! We understand your Taste and Serve for your Happiness..

How to Choose Your Wedding Photographer

Wedding photography must be done right, the first time. In order to ensure that you have the best quality wedding photos, you must research wedding photographers in your area and work with them to produce the best quality photos. Be careful in making this decision as not all photographers are capable of taking quality wedding photos. This is mainly because some do not have the equipment necessary to take the photos. A good place to start research wedding photographers is in your local telephone directory, bridal shows, and by asking around.

Here are some tips for choosing your wedding photographer:

1. Attend a bridal show. Most wedding photographers would have photos of previous weddings displayed. There you can ask as many questions as you like and you can compare prices and photo quality, in one place.

2. Ask to see photos of different angles: bride getting dressed, wedding ring, reception etc. These different angles will show you how the photographer was able of handling the different lighting etc.

3. When choosing a photography company, find out the name or names of the photographer(s) that would be assigned to your wedding. Develop a relationship with them and make sure they understand your needs. It’s a good idea to also get an emergency number in case a photographer is running late or does not show up.

4. Find out the turnaround time for getting your photos. It should not take a month to get your photos back. If the time given is unsatisfactory to you, move on and find another photographer.

5. Ask for references. As with any caterer you choose, it’s a good idea to be able to talk to other couples or former clients to find out the type of working relationship they had with this person or company, and if they were pleased with the end result.

6. Request raw prints of wedding photos; this way you can look at them before the retouching process.

7. Ensure that your photographer shoots in digitally. This mode of shooting is much better and more modern. Proofs would also be ready quickly and you’ll be able to see all the photos before they are printed. Many photographers upload digital photos online and give their clients a password to access them.

8. Of course you will need to know how many photos you can get and for what price. If you are on a tight budget, make sure you indicate this to your photographer. Find a package that works for you, ensuring that you get the coverage and the price you can afford.

9. Read through all the find prints before your sign the contact. Be sure time, cost, number of photos, turnaround time for proofs and photos etc are included. There should be a clause also for if the photographer was late or did not show up. Everything must be in writing, even possible overtime charges.

10. Find out what type of equipment the photographer has. He must have quality lightening equipment and be able to shoot the number and quality of photos you would like. They must also have liability insurance in case of accidents involving their equipment and your guests.

Exotic Beach weddings

Your fairytale Wedding at a beautiful Beach in Goa is just few clicks away! Goa needs no introduction being a world know Tourist spot and popular for laid back Holidays, Honeymoon and festivities.

Regal Weddings adds a new aspect to Goan fun by offering its all inclusive wedding planning and management services. Sit back & relax! let us take off your stress and organize everything you need for a perfect Beach Wedding.